Index for gu Functions

Index for gu Functions [Updated]

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Source files for gu functions are located in usr/src/PR/libsrc/libultra/gu/.

guAlign Aligns the mocdling matrix vector to the negative z-axis
guDumpGbiDL RSP task dump for execution with an RSP simulator
guFrustum Calculates the perspective projection matrix
guLoadTextureBlockMipMap Calculates mip map pyramid from source texture array, loads mip map texture, and returns display list needed for rendering
guLookAt Calculates the LookAt viewing matrix
guLookAtHilite Sets up the LookAt structure for calculation of the LookAt viewing matrix and specular highlighting rendering
guLookAtReflect Sets up the LookAt structure for calcuation of the LookAt viewing matrix and reflection mapping
guLookAtStereo Calculates the "lookat" view matrix for stereo graphics display
guMtxCatF Concatenates two 4x4 floating point matrices
guMtxCatL Concatenates two 4x4 floating point matrices
guMtxF2L Converts 4x4 floating point matrix into fixed-point matrix
guMtxL2F Converts 4x4 fixed point matrix into floating-point matrix
guMtxIdent Generates 4x4 floating point identity matrix
guMtxXFMF Transforms a single point by a 4x4 floating point matrix
guMtxXFML Transforms a single point by a 4x4 fixed point matrix
guNormalize Normalizes 3D vector
guOrtho Generates projection matrix for an orthographic parallel viewing volume
guParseGbiDL Prints out GBI display list in human readable format
guParseRdpDL Prints out low-level display list in human readable format
guPerspective Calculates the perspectiv projection matrix
guPosition Calculates the modeling matrix
guPosLight Creates the effect of a positional light with attenuation
guPosLightHilite Returns hilite structure and LookAt structure for two positional light structures and specular highlight rendering
guRandom Generates a 32-bit random integer
guRotate Performs modeling matrix rotation operations
guS2DEmuBgRect1Cyc Emulates operation of the S2DEX microcode gSPBgRect1Cyc GBI with a CPU by combining other GBIs
guS2DEmuSetScissor Sets the dithering parameter and texture filter referenced when the function guS2DEmuBgRect1Cyc is processed
guScale Calculates the scaling modeling matrix
guTranslate Calculates the conversion modeling matrix
RAND(macro) Generates a 32bit random integer (a macro that calls guRandom)

Unsupported Functions

guSprite2DInit----------Initializes Sprite structure, which is used for Sprite micro code, with the values in arguments.