spScale (function)

Alters the size of sprite.


#include <sp.h> /* sp.h */
void spScale(Sprite *sp, s32 xscale, s32 yscale)


Pointer to the sprite

Horizontal scale factor (greater than 1.0 enlarges)

Vertical sale factor (greater than 1.0 enlarges)


It enlarges and reduces the dimension of the sprite.

Expansion makes the sprite look a little blurry.

If you want the "big pixel" look, you could set the TextureFilter mode to do point sampling by using gDPSetTextureFilter(gl++,G_TF_POINT).

Nintendo recommends that you not use scale factors much less than 1.0 for textures with very fine details (for example, text).

See Also

spDraw, spScale, spScissor

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