Index for sp functions

The sp functions are provided to emulate the sprite functions on 3D microcode. Please note that these are not intended to replace Sprite2D and S2DEX.

Source files for sp functions are located in usr/src/PR/libsrc/libultra/sp/.

spClearAttribute Clears the specified attributes.
spColor Sets the color of a sprite
spDraw Generates the display list that will draw the sprite on the screen
spFinish Resets graphics mode to the default when sprite drawing is finished
spInit Sets graphics modes as needed for sprite drawing
spIntro Introduces the sprite manipulation functions
spMove Sets the position of a sprite in the upper left corner on the screen.
spScale Sets the size of a sprite.
spScissor Sets the bounding region in which sprites will be drawn
spSetAttribute Sets the user-specified attributes to a sprite
spSetZ Sets the depth of Z buffer for a sprite