Index for gSP(gsSP) Functions

Index for gSP(gsSP) Functions

Please also see the header file -> [ gbi.h]


F3 S2 Function Description
O   gSP1Triangle Draws 1 triangle
O   gSP2Triangles Draws 2 triangles
O   gSPBranchLessZ Performs LOD processing on models
O   gSPBranchLessZrg
O * gSPBranchList Display list command
O   gSPClipRatio Specifies the relative sizes of clipping and scissoring boxes
O   gSPCullDisplayList Culls off-screen portions of display list
O * gSPDisplayList Attaches branching display list to current display list
O * gSPEndDisplayList Ends the display list
O   gSPFogPosition Specifies fog thickness
O   gSPForceMatrix Loads new matrix without performing multiplication
O   gSPSetGeometryMode Makes various geometry pipeline mode settings
O   gSPClearGeometryMode Clears geometry pipeline modes
O   gSPInsertMatrix Modifies the matrix elements without performing multiplication
X   gSPLine3D Draws 1 line
X   gSPLineW3D Draws 1 line (with half-pixel unit parameter attached)
O * gSPLoadUcode Loads microcode
O * gSPLoadUcodeL A simplified form of gSPLoadUcode
O   gSPLookAt Loads a LookAt structure in the RSP for specular highlighting and projection mapping
O   gSPMatrix Loads matrix - concatenate and push stack
O   gSPModifyVertex Modifies a vertex after it is loaded into the RSP
O   gSPPerspNormalize Normalizes the perspective projection
O   gSPPopMatrix Pops 1 matrix stack
O * gSPSegment Sets base address and segment register
O   gSPSetLightsM Loads light structure in the RSP
  * gSPSetStatus Assigns the "val" value to the status region
O   gSPNumLights Specifies the number of light structures to load in the RSP
O   gSPLight Loads a light structure in the RSP
O   gSPLightColor Quickly changes the light color in the RSP
O   gSPTexture Enables textures and scales coordinate in the RSP
O * gSPTextureRectangle Renders a textured rectangle in the screen coordinates
O * gSPScisTextureRectangle
O * gSPTextureRectangleFlip
O   gSPVertex Loads vertices in the on-chip vertex cache
O   gSPViewport Loads the viewport projection parameters
  * gSPBgRectCopy The simplest of the BG drawing GBIs
  * gSPBgRect1Cyc A BG drawing GBI which can enlarge/reduce the BG
  * gSPObjRectangle A sprite drawing GBI used for non-rotating sprites
  * gSPObjRectangleR
  * gSPObjSprite Used for drawing rotating sprites
  * gSPObjMatrix Used for setting a rotating sprite
  * gSPObjSubMatrix Loads the data of the uObjSubMtx structure into the 2D matrix area of the RSP
  * gSPObjRenderMode Changes the object render mode in the RSP
  * gSPObjLoadTxtr References the texture load parameters and performs those load processes
  * gSPObjLoadTxRect Performs the texture load processes and then draws a non-rotating sprite
  * gSPObjLoadTxRectR Performs the texture load processes and then draws a non-rotating sprite referencing the 2D matrix
  * gSPObjLoadTxSprite Performs the texture load processes and then draws a rotating sprite
  * gSPSelectDL Evaluates status [sid] and calls another display list depending on the TRUE/FALSE result
  * gSPSelectBranchDL

gSPLookAtX and gSPLookAtY, used and called internally from gSPLookAt, have been removed from the table.

Functions no Longer Supported

gSPSprite2DBase........Specifies basic sprite parameters
gSPSprite2DDraw........Specifies the screen coordinates where the sprite is to be drawn, and starts actual screen drawing
gSPSprite2DScaleFlip........Specifies basic parameters

gSP1Quadrangle........Draws a single rectangle