mrnBlender* Sets up RDP blender

Structure MrnBlenderMode Defines the cycle type and render mode of the RDP
Function mrnBlenderModeSet Sets values in MrnBlenderMode

mrnCamera* Sets up camera

Function mrnCameraGenerateGfx Generates a gfx of the camera settings and returns the updated gfx pointer
Function mrnCameraInit Initializes camera

mrnContext* The rendering context is used during scene rendering and is not directly used by the application program.

Function mrnContextSetView Sets mrnView
Function mrnContextSetCamera Sets mrnCamera
Function mrnContextSetTextureImage Sets mrnTextureImage
Function mrnContextSetTextureLut Sets mrnTextureLut
Function mrnContextSetTexture Sets mrnTexture
Function mrnContextSetLightSet Sets mrnLightSet
Function mrnContextSetMaterial Sets mrnMaterial
Function mrnContextSetBlenderMode Sets mrnBlenderMode
Function mrnContextSetFogColor Sets the fog color
Macro _mrnContextInit Initializes mrnContext
Macro _mrnContextPipeSync Inserts gDPPipeSync, if necessary
Macro _mrnContextSetGeometryMode Sets the geometry mode, if necessary

mrnFog* Defines fog

Function mrnFogInit Initializes mrnFog
Function mrnFogGenerateGfx Generates a gfx of the mrnFog settings

mrnGroup* Groups determine the order in which rendering is performed. For instance, objects affiliated with Group[0] will be rendered before objects affiliated with Group[31]. This function can be applied to the processing of decal objects and transparent bodies.

Structure MrnGroup MrnGroup Structure
Function mrnGroupInit Initializes mrnGroup
Function mrnGroupClearView Clears the mrnView set in the mrnGroup
Function mrnGroupDrawObjects Displays all of the objects affiliated with an mrnGroup, sorted by texture image

mrnLightSet* Defines LightSet

Function mrnLightSetDrawObjects Displays all objects which use the light set, sorted in material order
Function mrnLightSetGenerateGfx Generates a gfx that sets up the light set
Function mrnLightSetInit Initializes mrnLightSet
Function mrnLightSetModifyColor Changes the color of the N64 light source to match the material

mrnMaterial* Defines material

Function mrnMaterialDrawObjects Renders objects using the material
Function mrnMaterialGenerateGfx Generates a gfx that sets up the material
Function mrnMaterialInit Initializes mrnMaterial

mrnObject* Defines object

Function mrnObjectInit Initializes mrnObject

mrnObjectState* Defines the rendering state of an object

Structure MrnObjectState MrnObjectState Structure
Function mrnObjectStateInit Initializes mrnObjectState
Function mrnObjectStateSetupBlender Generates a gfx which sets the render mode
Function mrnObjectStateSetupGeometry Generates a gfx which sets geometry mode

mrnScene* Defines scene

Structure MrnScene MrnScene Structure
Function mrnSceneAllocFrameResource Allocates memory from the frame resource
Function mrnSceneBuildGfx Evaluates all objects and generates a gfx
Function mrnSceneDestroy Destroys mrnScene
Function mrnSceneInit Initializes mrnScene

mrnScreen* Defines screen. The screen is the view which can be displayed on N64 hardware.

Structure MrnScreen MrnScreen Structure
Function mrnScreenInit Initializes mrnScreen
Function mrnScreenSetMode Switch the screen resolution

mrnTexture* Defines texture

Structure MrnTexture MrnTexture Structure
Function mrnTextureDrawObjects Renders objects using the texture
Function mrnTextureGenerateGfx Generates a gfx which sets the texture
Function mrnTextureInit Initializes mrnTexture

mrnTextureImage* Defines the texture image

Function mrnTextureImageDrawObjects Renders objects using the texture image
Function mrnTextureImageGenerateGfx Generates a gfx which sets the texture image
Function mrnTextureImageInit Initializes mrnTextureImage

mrnTextureLut* Defines the texture palette

Function mrnTextureLutDrawObjects Renders objects using the texture palette
Function mrnTextureLutGenerateGfx Generates a gfx which sets the texture palette
Function mrnTextureLutInit Initializes mrnTextureLut

mrnTextureTile* Defines the texture tile

Function mrnTextureTileGenerateGfx Generates a gfx which sets the texture tile

mrnView* Defines view. The result of rendering is written to view as an image.

Structure MrnView MrnView Structure
Function mrnViewGenerateClearGfx Generates a gfx which clears view
Function mrnViewGenerateSetupGfx Generates a gfx which sets the view
Function mrnViewInit Initializes mrnView
Function mrnViewSetClearColor Sets the background color when the view is cleared