N64 Disk Drive

N64 Disk Drive Programming Manual

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Testing the Disk Drive
Chapter 3: Tools and Programs for Disk Development
Chapter 4: 64DD Internal ROM
Chapter 5: The Development Process
Chapter 6: Disk ID
Chapter 7: Library Functions
Chapter 8: Reading/Setting RTC
Chapter 9: Accessing 64DD Internal ROM
Chapter 10: Error-Handling Sequences
Chapter 11: 64DD Hardware Specifications
Chapter 12: Programming Cautions
Chapter 13: Revision History
Chapter 14: Important Directories
Chapter 15: Special Startup Methods

APPENDIX A: Drive Internal Wave Data
APPENDIX B: Drive Internal Font Data

APPENDIX C: 64DD Error Messages
APPENDIX D: leowrite Command Description

64DD Kantan Manual

Step 4 What is 64DD

Multi File System (MFS)

MFS Specification (PDF file)
MFS Simplified Manual



Function Manual

High Standard Library Functions
Low Standard Library Functions
Device Functions
Other Functions
Global Variables

64DD(Leo) Function Manual

64DD (Leo) Function/Tool Command