gDP(gsDP) Function Index

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F3 S2 Function name Brief description
X X gDPFillRectangle Renders a solid-color rectangle in screen coordinates.
X X gDPScisFillRectangle
X X gDPFullSync Signals the end of a frame.
X X gDPLoadSync Synchronizes the loading of textures.
X X gDPTileSync Synchronizes texture tiles settings.
X X gDPPipeSync Synchronizes the attribute interpolation pipe.
X X gDPLoadTLUT_pal16 Loads a texture look-up table (TLUT) into texture memory.
X X gDPLoadTLUT_pal256
X X gDPLoadTextureBlock Loads a contiguous texture image.
X X gDPLoadTextureBlock_4b
X X gDPLoadTextureTile Loads the subtiles of a large texture image.
X X gDPLoadTextureTile_4b
X   gDPLoadBlock A low-level macro normally not be used in the program.
X X gDPNoOp RDP noop command
X X gDPNoOpTag
X   gDPPipelineMode Enables/disables coherency as the pipeline mode for the span buffer.
X X gDPSetBlendColor Sets the blend color.
X X gDPSetEnvColor Sets the environment color.
X X gDPSetFillColor Clears the color buffer and the Z buffer.
X X gDPSetFogColor Sets the fog color.
X X gDPSetPrimColor Sets the primitive color.
X X gDPSetColorImage Sets the color image area.
X X gDPSetDepthImage Sets the depth image area.
X X gDPSetTextureImage Sets the texture image area.
X   gDPSetHilite1Tile First specular highlight.
X   gDPSetHilite2Tile Second specular highlight.
X X gDPSetAlphaCompare Sets the alpha compare mode for conditional writes to the frame buffer.
X X gDPSetAlphaDither Enables/disables alpha dithering.
X X gDPSetColorDither Enables/disables RGB color dithering.
X X gDPSetCombineMode Sets the common-use color combiner modes.
X X gDPSetCombineLERP
X X gDPSetConvert We currently cannot guarantee the behavior of YUV textures.
X X gDPSetTextureConvert
X X gDPSetCycleType Sets the RDP cycle type.
X X gDPSetDepthSource Sets which source Z to use when comparing the depth buffer.
X X gDPSetCombineKey We currently cannot guarantee the behavior of the chroma key functions.
(But these can be used to specify registers for the color combiner)
X X gDPSetKeyR
X X gDPSetPrimDepth Sets the depth (Z) of the primitive in the RDP.
X X gDPSetRenderMode Sets the blender's rendering mode.
X X gDPSetScissor Sets a scissoring box at the screen coordinates.
X X gDPSetTextureDetail Enables/disables detail textures.
X X gDPSetTextureFilter Sets which filter type to use when sampling texture tiles.
X X gDPSetTextureLOD Enables/disables LOD or MIP-mapped textures.
X X gDPSetTextureLUT Enables/disables true color or lookup table textures.
X X gDPSetTexturePersp Enables/disables texture map perspective transformation corrections.
X X gDPSetTile Sets the parameters in one of the eight tile descriptors.
X X gDPSetTileSize

Unsupported functions

gDPClearOtherMode........Used with the Turbo3D microcode to initialize the RDP's "othermode" command
gDPEndDisplayList........Used with the Turbo3D microcode to end an RDP display list